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February 2, 2018



I have spent a lot of time and effort creating a good informative and interesting text content for my business website, or so I believe.

I have gone far and beyond making sure that the reader gets clear indication of the lady I am, has all the information needed for a successful interaction, and the 'non suitors' stay as far away as possible.

But in all fairness, I feel like I haven't paid the necessary attention to my Lookbook. We are all visual creatures. We learn faster and feel stronger trough visual content. Our attention is easily grabbed by images, and it is easier and quicker to engage and understand by looking at something rather then by reading about it. It is important to be original and make my visuals interesting, relevant and different in order to target the very small audience I am after. I do not like getting the not needed interest from the not wanted viewers, but currently my galleries are all too generic and are attracting wider audience than what I would like.  I've been thinking about working on my 'illustrations' for sometime now. I felt a little conflicted about what I would like to do and what is the smart thing to do, but after much consideration I have decided that there should just be a good mixture of what I like, what is marketable and what is different. 

With that been said, I have just booked two photo-shoots and one short film / video shoot for March.

It will be a very pricey and challenging venture, but if I manage to pull it off successfully, my fans will be able to indulge visually in some delightfully elegant candy, as well as I would have a much better visual marketing strategy for my site.

You all may think ' Ah, what so difficult about taking a few snaps' , but let me tell you - This picture business is not as easy as 1 2 3. 

First finding the right photographer is an absolute mission. Most photographers are very set into their own style and way of doing pictures and would not really listen to your needs or wants. 

Once the right professional picture taker is sorted, I have to think of the look and feel I would like to portray in my images. Finding the right location, background, position and lighting.

Then with all that into consideration, shop for all the attire and accessories I need. If you know me, you know shopping is not my forte. I like pretty things, but I don't like looking for them. My shopping trips usually consists of walking into one shop and if I find what I am looking for -good, if not - still good. Then I find the nearest cafe or restaurant and indulge in loads of delicious food and glass of wine. The end. 

After the heavy shopping duties ahead and my account feeling sad and lonely, I have to prepare mentally for my modelling moments. I am definitely not a natural in front of the lenses. Having to look seductive and happy while my neck is twisted and my buzzom is in pain for arching it too far back is excruciatingly uncomfortable for me. I have a whole new appreciation for the modelling world after having few shoots of my own.But even though there is so much to plan, do and worry about, I am very excited. I am so eager to bring the spring to my Lookbook and some happiness to your eyes, as well as take my mind away from all the travelling destinations I am obsessing of visiting this year. 


So wish me luck, stay tuned....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx


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