The lucky 1%

January 29, 2018


London may not offer the best weather in the world, but it definitely offers the best variety of things to do and places to visit. I feel really privileged to be able to experience it's beauties and mysteries on a daily basis. And also just in general, I think I am one very, very lucky fish swimming along the crazy waters of life.


Had a little reason to celebrate this weekend, and whom better to do it with than with my absolutely incredible daughter. This child never seize to amaze me with her wit, wisdom, knowledge and maturity. I must've done something right to deserve such gift.


We've spent a beautiful weekend together (as usual), doing what we love and loving what we did. But there was one moment in which we realised, once again, how extremely fortunate we are.

Having some wonderfully delicious vegan food at one of our favourite restaurants in Chelsea, we had a friendly exchange about the deserts with the person on the neighbouring table. Talk more and he was telling us how the Landmark Forum has changed his life and advising us to check it out. Then he asked us a question -  'You surely have some issues and problems in your lives you want to work on, right?' 

Me and my lovely looked at each other and smiled...

I think in that moment we both knew we don't really have anything that is seriously disturbing us, and so we've said.

The guy called us 'The lucky 1% of the world'. 


Of course, there are areas that need tweaking, and we can always improve our lives and ourselves in certain aspects, but overall we are perfectly happy. We are healthy, have each other, never take ourselves too seriously and always find reasons to smile and laugh. Positively content with who we are and all that we have right this moment and no matter how hard we tried to find something to complain about, we couldn't, because everything that we've mentioned could become better in our current lives, was just superficial. bland and unimportant. 


What a wonderful realisation to have, what lucky girls we are !



Love your life ....and don't forget to smile!








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