Consilium / Dies Consili

January 9, 2018


Dear Deal Makers,


Independent escorting is not a quick buck maker, it's a full time business and not a particularly easy one. It's keeping fit and healthy, maintaining a stash of pricey cosmetics and creams, hair-removal laser treatments, tanning, exfoliation, manicures, pedicures, facials, expensive make up, endless hair appointments, luxurious lingerie, branded clothes, shoes and accessories, perfumes, immaculate residence at a central location, interior hygiene upkeep, tons of laundry, candles, massage oils, selection of music, intimate consumptives, toiletries, refreshments supply, fresh flowers, chocolates, extravagant photo shoots, website fees and management, advertisement, monitoring the marketing providers, industry research, medical check-ups, handling phone calls, emails, texts, appointment scheduling and follow ups, social media, blogs, forums, screening of clientele ...

All those take lots of time and cost money, loads of money. 


So, next time you would like to negotiate my fees or their increase, just remember that you are investing in your well-being and pleasurable moments by paying for my immaculately groomed presence, valuable time , safe, clean, warm, well positioned, private and discreet environment, other small luxuries, and last but not least- the beauty and simplicity of leaving my bed without having to deal with expectations or ever be bothered by me again. Receiving an exceptional service comes at a cost and my business is no different than any other business that offers luxury services.

When you leave your home in the morning and spend your entire day at your office, working hard, solving problems and dealing with people, you expect to be paid for it at the end of the day.

It's called earning a living. Well... I am after the same. 

I have taxes, bills and insurance to pay , just like you. I am the sole breadwinner of my family, and I don't walk in suspenders while burning candles 24/7, neither was I born with make up and manicure.

Negotiating a 'deal' on my fees may seem like a hot bargain to you, but it is an insult to me. Besides, trust me, you are already striking a bargain by having the wonderful opportunity to spend private time with someone like me. It is likely, you will never have than chance in 'real life'.

I don't expect more than what my services and time cost, so you shouldn't expect paying less for it.

I also want to drive a Mclaren, but harassing Mercedes about their price structure, won't provide me with one.

If you can't afford my fees, don't call me. There is plenty of fish in the sea. But you can't buy Bluefin Tuna for the price of sardines and negotiating the price can only bring you embarrassment and disappointment. 

Next time someone tries to cheat you out of your hard work and time, please recall how you named me 'greedy' for objecting to the same. 

Cheers and Bon Apetit !<