Weaving D' Fence

January 8, 2018


Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation.  -Max Euwe


Protecting my personal safety, time and well-being is always my highest priority. Especially in today's day and age where it's said that 1 in 50 people is a psychopath, bad manners, roundness and violence are the modern life lexicon and manipulation is a respected human attribute. 

I have always been interested in psychology but now more than ever I am reading and learning about the mental characteristics and behaviour patterns of people. Humans are complicated and that complexity can be frightening as much as it is wonderful. Getting a better understanding of the conscious and subconscious human mind gives me hope and opportunity of solving some problems before they appear in full force. By all means, I am not anxious about everyone's motives and intentions but being cautious in my approach, particularly in my current field, is a must. 

Not being a very trusting person has been a big obstacle in my private life, but an important trait in my professional life. Establishing strict rules without deviation has bitterly disappointed many, but has kept me safe, comfortable and sane. 

When choosing the life of a courtesan and private companion, I wasn't fully aware of all the implications of that lifestyle and as every newbie in every new profession, I had to learn from my own mistakes and find the way to successfully operate without compromising my vision, beliefs and safety. But it takes time perfecting the working methods, gaining the right experience and knowledge and setting up the correct marketing profile for avoiding unnecessary complications.

I am, to this day, spending a lot of energy and time in researching and studying ways to eliminate risk connected to my business. Minimising the probability of being noticed by the wrong people by emphasising on my elegance, maturity and limited services, mandatory screening,  texting etiquette and speaking mannerism of clients, learning to obey my instincts - just a few of the steps in the process. Along the way I've detected numerous flaws in my business presentation, unintentionally granting some non-suitors possible access to my life, but I am continuously correcting and working on them. My target audience is a very tiny layer of the escort clientele and I would like to keep it that way. I've learned 'defence techniques' not only from my own experiences, but through reading about the industry and the tales of other escorts and companions. It is not surprising that most of the blogs and comments of the adult-worker are on either edge of the client- escort dynamics spectrum. After all, when only the muted daily trivia is present, there isn't much inspiration for expression. Most ladies write about the very best or very worst of their experiences, as well as issues and obstacles, extremes and twisted kinks. It is absolutely incredible how easy it is to detect gaffes while being just a spectator and observing objectively without emotional involvement. 

I am grateful for the ability to access any information I am interested in, from every point on Earth, but I am also aware that every bit of information I am exposing is for the wide world to see. 

Improvements on my marketing strategy and profile presentations for 2018 are already in progress, but I would also like to hear your opinions. Please feel free to discuss with me in person or drop me an email with your comments, observations and suggestions on how to refine my professional introduction and visual display in order to avoid unnecessary risk and unwelcome presence. 


Thank you in advance for your time and wisdom...and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx





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