December 29, 2017


It's incredible how we speak of the new year as it's some magical beginning.

Reflecting on all personal failures of the last year somewhat makes us optimistic about the next one. Hoping that finally we'll achieve our goals and dreams by setting up our new year resolutions. We all love illusions and this particular one, even though it proves a flop most of the time, we are very reluctant on giving up. Probably because it holds much hope and hope it's said to be stronger even than our fear. 

Thus, our minds take this man-made unit of time and turn it into a unit of magical staircase to success. We climb and climb, often lost completely, in search of that magic. But until we realise that the staircase is actually leading down not up, and the only magic on those stairs is our own mind, we will never be able to stand on the right flight of stairs. We can only achieve, what we believe.

Evolving our consciousness is the only solution for shifting the conditions in our lives, especially the ones we aren't particularly happy with.

Reaching for our dreams can be beautiful when we believe in our own capabilities. 

Cancelling out all the noise from the 'naysayers' and focusing on our robustness is the remarkable road to our happiness.


But how do we cancel our own doubts? 

Doubts pretend to keep us safe, but what they really do is debilitate us. They rob us from our personal growth and moving forward, towards where we want to be.


Ironic, how hard is to apply on our lives the knowledge we have about the world and ourselves and to develop the confident minds we need to succeed and be happy.

But despite all difficulties we should never give up. Subconsciously we never stop trying to be the best we can be and the more we fail the more resilient we become.


So how I see it, those new year resolutions aren't really about our weight, fitness, relationships, debts or business ventures. They are about fighting our own doubts. Trying to break the habit of not believing in ourselves. Trying to progress towards a higher spirit. Recouping our lost self-esteem and focusing on destroying the barriers that prevent us from personal nirvana, and it doesn't matter how many times we fail, until we are trying, there is hope we will succeed. 



Keep on trying....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx