More imagination and less caffeine

December 13, 2017

 If you think it's exhausting being around highly analytical, overly self-conscious, greatly opinionated and supremely cynical person, then try being me. I have to handle my own self on a daily.

I am such a crazy freak of nature, my own personality is draining me out. Those ADHD tendencies I have are seriously annoying me lately. At times I feel like I am an absolute introvert who is most at ease when left alone, and at others, I only see the bohemian extrovert in me - the one who constantly needs external stimulation, novelty and risk taking to feel complete. It is obvious that my brain has fewer dopamine receptors than other people, because I have great difficulties getting excited and motivated.


Feeling really dissatisfied and restless, has been my every day life for months now and it is almost not explainable. It's like the time has slowed down, my activities are somewhat meaningless and I constantly wish I am somewhere else, doing something else. Predict