Holiday Reflections

December 7, 2017


I am brutally cynical when people speak to me about holiday tradition. Traditions are same like rules- only made to be broken.

We all can create our very own holiday traditions. They are, anyway, kind of elusive when change has been enforced on them too many times. I grew up with the popular Christmas dynamics. Tree, decorations, cooking the customary foods and eating for days, family laughter, arguments and advises no one has asked for, beautifully wrapped (mostly useless) presents, home made hideous sweaters and socks  - the whole shebang.

I think at a point I even believed in Christmas miracles.

Then, I got married and I had my own family to create traditions for. I complied with the traditions of my parents and grandparents. I was full of enthusiasm and tried my best in making Christmas a special time for my new family, in the very traditional way of course.

Having a highly 'nontraditional' (in every aspect) husband, however, slowly killed my entire Christmas spirit, and made me strongly resent that time of the year.  From not pitching for Christmas eve dinner while we were having p 20 guests, throwing the turkey in the bin because the glazing isn't perfect, to going for a "business trip" over the entire holiday season; every year held a special holiday surprise for me. A precious gift, time after time. After getting the courage to leave all that marital mirth behind, I am more than happy to have absolutely no old traditions for the holidays. I don't do the crazy- being -pushed- by- 1000- people Christmas spending, I rather have New year travels. Decorating these days means- my fairy lights which I keep all year around, simply because they make me happy and crate a lovely, romantic atmosphere. Food -  I am mostly plant based, so I can only have the turkey as a pet ,and add "MER" to the "HAM" (hummer), that way I will have protection from all the wrist-slicing holiday music on the radio.  And not listening to my parents advises over the holidays is more like a bliss, then a miss. I love them dearly, but I really can't hear one more time how I need a man in my life, how I should be concerned about  people's opinions or how bad my investments are. They mean well, but honestly, mommy and daddy live in another century. Back in their farm, surrounded by flowers, dogs and cats, silence and no pollution, where the only frequent visitors are the electric meter- reading people and only stressful time comes when my dogs' food has finished and they need to schlep to the city, the every day modern city life is more like TV news for them.

And as far as my trust in Christmas miracles goes, unless Christ handles the tuition fees for my child, I guess this ship has sailed too. 

So, my new Christmas tradition is full of no traditions and plenty of happiness. Lazy movie nights, pre-ordered food, no dry Christmas tree needles, heated discussions about my baby's new projects  and wide smiles inspired by all the new year's travel anticipations. 

All that no tradition totally guaranties me a Very Marry Holiday Season every year, so I am totally back to loving that time of the year....or the entire year for that matter!



Make your own traditions...and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx