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November 18, 2017


I've often been asked about my choice of massage oils, but in order to have time for an actual massage session, I keep my answers brief and informative, and my strokes long and relaxing.


In today's blog, I am to give a detailed explanation on my oil choices for all the massage lovers who visit me.

I will start at the core and slowly work my way to the actual point. And I would really like for everyone to understand that my choices of oils are not a random decision.

I put a lot of effort and knowledge in what I do, and always try to deserve my "applause". 



What oils I use, what aromas and the reason I've chosen them? What is the effect of those oils on the body and mind?


Aromatherapy is used to boost emotional and spiritual well-being, to heal and beautify . It is a holistic therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit, and it is both an art and a science.


Aromatherapy uses Essential oils, which are made from flowers and plants and consist of tiny aromatic molecules. When applied to the body during a massage, the essential oils enter the bloodstream through the skin, and the lungs whilst breathing. Then, they are carried around the body to deliver their beneficial healing powers.



Integrating an understanding of the chakras into the massage is extremely important.

The chakras are the centres of body in which energy flows through.This energy is called Life Force or Prana.

Although there are many chakras in the human body, only seven are considered majorly important. Each chakra is associated with specific organ or gland.The function of the chakras is an energy system that communicates with the body via biological systems, such as the endocrine glands and nervous system, to keep it balanced and healthy. 

The endocrine system includes all of the glands of the body and the hormones produced by those glands. The glands are controlled directly by stimulation from the nervous system as well as by chemical receptors in the blood and hormones produced by other glands. By regulating the functions of organs in the body, these glands help to maintain the body’s homoeostasis.


The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit, meaning "wheel". These moderators of energy are traditionally depicted as lotus flowers. Each chakra opens at different frequency and is corresponding to a different colour. Hense the connection to the colour of the Essential oils in Aromatherapy. 


Every of the 7 chakras opens a different centre of energy.



7th Chakra ( Crown ) which is located on the top of the head, and is the chakra of Spiritulity.  When blocked can cause an emotional dysfunction, such as depression and anxiety. This chakra is associated with the colour Violet (purple) , therefore to treat blockages connected to the Crown chakra  oils which correspond in colour are used. Lavender, Rosewood, Frankincense





6th Chakra (Third Eye) which is above and between eyebrows is associated with Indigo. It is the chakra of Intuition & wisdom and responds to treatment with essential oils of Hyacinth, Violet and Rose geranium









5th Chakra ((Throat) located centrally at the base of the neck, is the Blue chakra, and is the chakra of communication & self-expression. The oils that correspond well with it are Chamomile and Myrrh










4th Chakra (Heart) is at the centre of the chest and is the Green/Pink chakra and its stimulated by Rose, Bergamot and Mellisa oils. This is the chakra of Love&Relationship







3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) is located between navel & base of sternum. This the chakra of Personal power & self will. It is the Yellow chakra and

responds well to treatment with Ylang-Ylang, Vetivert and Bergamot






2nd Chakra ( Sacral) is in the lower abdominal, between the navel and genitalia, it is the Orange chakra and it's main issue is Emotional balance & sexuality. The best essential oils to treat this chakra are Jasmine,Rose and Sandalwood







1st Chakra (Root) is between the anus and genetalia, it is the chakra of survival & physical needs and its colour is Red. The essential oils are Cedarwood,Myrrh and Patchouli







In the very beginning of my massage career (if I can call it that) I was trying to apply the Aromatherapy and Chakra healing knowledge to my sessions, by Infusing my professional hypoallergenic oil with different essential oils. 

What I've learned along the way is that, not many people have even a basic knowledge of the essential oils and their effects on the mind and body. Most people don't like certain smells and are allergic to others. Some don't know in which chakra are their blockages. And even less people understand or even cared about the chakras and their importance.


So ultimately, for me to have chosen the right essential oil for everyone individually, I would've needed to have a physiological therapy session with them first, followed by an allergy test. a long explanation on the chakras, how the body works and why is Aromatherapy important.

Combine all that with the right breathing techniques, energy exchange, relaxation techniques, Tantra philosophy, personal intimacy issues and we will be ending up with a short study course on Allergies, Massages and Sexual therapy.


You can see how that can not work in this industry, and on people who are looking for a sensual massage and sexual relief, and not interested in Aromatherapy healing and Therapeutic conversations.


I realised quickly that I should rather work on engaging subconsciously the 5 senses and the flowing energy (Prana) triggering the sexual desire, instead of focusing on the healing powers of the oils.

I removed the essential oils completely from my massage oils, and decided to use an air infuser if someone requested a specific smell, which was actually never. 


Massaging with professional oils alone was not fun. They were slightly tick to create the light, velvety sensation I wanted, their moisturising effects were quite low, and washing them off took a full bottle of shower-gel. 


I began studying and experimenting with different massage oils to find out which one is the most light and luxurious in texture , moisturising and nurturing to the skin and easy to wash off.

I used avocado oil, almond oil, grape-seed oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil, wheat-germ oil and many others, they were all better than the professional massage oils, but besides the coconut one, were lacking an aroma.

I still wanted to find a way to stimulate the sense of smell and get all senses engaged in my sensual massage sessions.

Then started researching aromas, and mainly looked for ones which were most enjoyable by the general population, caused less irritation and to which people were not pron to allergies.


 Found out that Chocolate is one of those wonderful aromas that is appealing to almost everyone. It also smells quite sexy.

Very few people are allergic to cocoa or cacao, and if anyone is allergic to chocolate it is because of the ingredients in chocolate-based foods, such as milk, wheat, and nuts and not the cocoa/cacao itself.


The sense of smell is the most sensual of our five senses. Only a small amount of matter is enough to stimulate the olfactory cells, and is very powerful at evoking memories. And what i suspect is that, everyone has good memories of chocolate.

Eating chocolate makes us happy. Endorphins bind with opiate receptors in the brain leading to feelings of euphoria. Chocolate is a top dietary source of tryptophan, an amino acid precursor to serotonin, the neurotransmitter of happiness and positive mood. Also, smelling chocolate has been proven to have calming effects on the brain.

Wonderful ! 


Now that I knew Almond oil is the most light and luxurious in feeling, Vitamin E oil is very nourishing to the skin and Cocoa butter is moisturising and smelling deliciously, I finally had my winning formula.


I managed to create a oil blend that has all the qualities I was looking for, and when I've put it to the test, the results were more than pleasing. This well educated oil blend decision proved to be loved by everyone, including me.


I still have a variety of massage and essential oils, and ready to spoil almost every request, but I've not even once been asked by anyone to change my oil, or use something else.

Turns out, Chocolate works its magic in more than one way.




Be my chocolate....and don't forget to smile!







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