Tribute to 'My Men'

November 16, 2017


I read blogs and opinions from the escort world every day and I can not,even the slightest, relate to this hate escorts feel for men. I have nothing but respect for "my men" since I've entered this industry. It could be because I am extra careful in my choice of clients or just my incredible luck, but men have rose in my eyes tremendously and I have gained a lot of adulation for them. 

It is such a misconception that men who visit escorts are somewhat bad. Of course, I am sure those exist, but the clients I see are just amazingly normal chaps who are worth admiration and respect, and are the sole reason I believe there are still good men out there. There is so much integrity and loyalty in these men that I can't help but to feel empowered just by knowing them. 

Just yesterday I met a man who is caring alone for his two young kids after his wife passed away two and half years ago. A man who forwent his manly desires and emotional needs to look after his woman while she was sick and later see his kids through the painful experience of losing their mother. A man who isn't sure his heart is open for loving another, but his soul is overflowing with love. A man of strength and integrity. How am I not to respect such man, how am I not to believe in his goodness?

I also every now and again see 'M' who is the loveliest most wonderful man I've had the pleasure of ever meeting. He always spoils me his his gentleness and beautiful, sweet gestures. He stays in a loveless marriage and lives a separate life with his wife in his own house just because he doesn't want his kids to be torn apart from a nasty divorce. He takes care of his wife even though she is no longer much more then a room mate. How can I not love such integrity and emotional sacrifice ?

I see "S", who is the perfect gentleman and always treats me like a treasure. He can't stop talking about his wife and how much he adores her, remembering fondly their years of happiness and misses her every day. She has been abstaining sexual intimacy for the last 10 years and have being affected by light dementia that has left their communication in disarray and has transformed her into a stranger. He cares for her every need and has not stopped loving her.

"L" who's been heartbroken by his ex girlfriend who decided an abortion and break up is better for her career and life than a child and a marriage with him. Not once has he said a bad word about her, and even completely shattered emotionally he has just love in his heart. He makes me forget my role as a service provider and gives me only comfort and pleasure.

"K" who has been a serial cheater and womaniser, but has realised his mistakes and learned from them, who has the emotional integrity to admit to it . He is the most amazing dad to his two grown boys and is the most wonderful, stable, wholesome man a woman can encounter. He listens to me and understands me, he is without a doubt someone I can call a friend.

"R" who is a very wealthy single father of two teenage boys and instead of spoiling them with