Killing The Gentleman

November 15, 2017


I often see the lack of honour and integrity in today's young man, and can't help but to feel sad and disappointed. Seems like the Gentleman has left the building and has been replaced by the modern Hunk who provides the bare minimum of manners, if we can at all,  and address his behaviour as mannered. Men are changing fundamentally and honesty, loyalty and class are virtues of the past. The self-proclaimed Alpha Male Macho- the enigmatic leader of today who has no idea of the actual role of the Alpha has no sense of accountability and proudly displays often false outward wealth, which in fact is clearly showcasing his inner emotional bankruptcy. Those "leaders" treat woman as objects and options and no effort is made into gaining the ladies' affection anymore. Opening doors and bringing flowers to a first date is seen as medieval douche-ry. But as long as women accept that obnoxious behaviour and assist the demise of the Gentleman, the world be be left with those Kings of Mediocrity and Horrible manners.

Women talk about feminism and equality, but what today's feminist is failing to comprehend is that a man treating a woman with value and respect isn't victimising her. Pulling a chair and paying the bill isn't sigh of dominance, it's a sign that he values her enough to want to take care of her comfort and impress her. When a man gives a gift or flowers, he doesn't try to diminish the woman's independence or show her his superiority, it's a gesture of kindness and romance. Being a strong, independent woman means demanding respect not releasing it. A woman does not need a man to define her worth, but defying her worth in front of a man is a need she must not forgo. Letting the late night booty-call dating sites replacing courtship, displaying sex-appeal by wearing a low cut blouse on a first date, desperately hunting man down in fear of ending up alone, paying the drinks just to be able to 'hang out' , accepting disrespectful remarks like " Hot ass Babe" as a sign of attention- those are not a demand for more, it is an indication of settling for much less than what a woman deserves. 

Remember, everything of high value is earned by hard work and dedication, no one appreciates the easy gains. Don't be one. If we don't expect and demand a Gentleman, then we are the ones who are killing his kind.


Be a Real Woman of Value by insisting on Gentlemanly behaviour, and be a Gentleman to gain a Real Woman of Value, but most importantly....don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx