Sarcastic Buffet

November 14, 2017

When I come across someone who thinks is very funny, extremely insightful and makes snarky remarks that make no sense or are hurtful to others, I can't help but to tell apart my healthy sarcastic humour from their nasty attacks disguised as sarcasm. I am not just one of those people who can't get sarcasm, I am a Master in it, but some people are actually suffering from a false sense of superiority, and attempt to deliver bulling as sarcasm. I dislike very much incompetent people with cognitive bias that believe they are better than others. I've never seen myself as the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know I am not a moron and I can quickly spot arrogance.I know every now and again, I am walking around blissfully ignorant of my own ignorance, but that certainly doesn't mean my mind is completely empty, perhaps just filled with misleading information.

I am fluent in sarcasm and dishing it in every situation relentlessly. It could be a polite expression of my anger and annoyance, it can be a funny approach to a serious issue, pointing out absurd situations, toned down self-criticism or even a way of numbing the painful effects of my personal disappointments, but mostly my sarcasm is passive and humorous. Most people get me and I've never felt bothered by the ones who don't. Not everyone gets sarcasm, satire or irony and that's alright. I am fully aware sometimes I hide my feelings and insecurities behind the sarcasm, but I am only sarcastic with the people I like and know well, it's my twisted way of showing affection. I find it also easier to deal with my intolerance for stupidity, but rarely resort to sarcasm when with strangers or when I sense my remark might be offensive. Truth is, there is a huge difference between sarcastic wit and a bad sarcasm, one is a witty humorous art with accents and intents to unravel an issue that's absurd, and the other is hurtful, bitter statement in a form of wanna-be joke that isn't funny. 

You can tell the difference most probably just by looking at the person, and that is the reason I always say ' Sarcasm is a dish better served in person'.



​Be sarcastic, but don't be nasty ....and don't forget to smile!



Nicole xxx