Red Hot Chilly Twaddle

November 13, 2017

This blog's post started with a comment from a wanna-be client, who told me that I am a nice woman but my website is like a book, he has no time to read- very confusing and comes across too intimidating for the regular man who's looking for an escort. 'No one cares if you are intelligent Hunny, put more pictures'. Those who know me, can imagine my response.

I am fully aware that when someone stops on my website isn't because I look "intelligent". No man goes to an escort site to look for intellect and when he is reading the services offered he doesn't expect educational credentials. It is also not a secret that most men don't really like smart women, and even worse, smart escorts. But then again, I've never been interested in seeing most men.

To impress the men who are only easily impressed by the not so impressive traits in a woman, I don't need an impressive understanding of the impressively large and rapacious male libido and ego.

But to impress the ones who are the exception to the rule, I need to posses more than a round butt and a long blonde hair. Every sophisticated, confident man needs more than just a pretty face to be stimulated and intrigued. Feeling special in the arms of a feisty, bright woman maybe slightly challenging, but is that much more fulfilling. A woman knows how to talk, a smart woman also knows how to listen. A companion knows how to think, a smart companion knows how not to think. An escort caters for the body, a smart escort takes care of the body and the mind.  

Sex -appeal is perceived differently by the simple and by the complex man. 

I am not aiming for popularity here and I do not need to be loved by anyone. I do not need to prove a point, I am just in my pure, authentic version and I will not apologise for it. Besides, if a man can be intimidated by an escort he hasn't even met just because she has a little wit, or by her well presented and informative website...well, that sadness was not really brought by me. This website of mine is creating much dissension lately, and I have to say - I love it. When I created it a year ago in its bare, simple escort form, I had 50-60 phone calls a day with all kind of questions and from all kind of people, it was exhausting and often annoying. I just found a way to minimise and correct that. After all, I did not enter this industry to be a tele- information desk, neither am I interested in the type of men who are intimidated by woman who's not a banana short of a fruit- salad. I can not possibly attempt to fill the infinite space between the ears of a man who has shortage of thinking gas, with pictures of my naked body just so that he likes me - in which I am so uninterested anyway. 

I am not a dating target, and I don't need to be impressed by my clients, but an Antenna that doesn't pick up more than the porn channels is definitely not worth adjusting. 


I am a gentle, caring person with a strong mind of my own and by exposing everything that I am, and everything I am not , I am simply avoiding disappointments on both sides and ensuring a pleasant "business" exchange.

It is not that I do not care if I am liked, I just do not care if I am