Insecure assumptions

November 11, 2017


I was contacted by a gentlemen who was in London on business, but had a free evening and wanted me to accompany him to dinner, show and an overnight private time.

Judging by our hasty message exchange, and the questions he asked me, he clearly has not read my website or anything about me. He has most probably found me on one of the sites I advertise on, and all he has seen is few pictures in lingerie and a brief "marketing description" of myself.

As I've never met him before, I proposed we first meet for an hour or two, and explore our chemistry before we commit to a longer date.

He was somewhat shocked by my proposal, and found it strange I would risk blowing over an all- night-er for an hour appointment, but agreed to it.

Well, no surprise there really. Many gentlemen question my reasons and visions, but later warm up and even get to love all that I stand for. And the ones who don't, I simply have the luxury of never seeing again.


Every "date" is unique, it is full of anticipation and excitement for me. Bringing my best looks, mood, attitude, expectations and behaviour are my "cult rituals".

On the days where I have dinner dates or longer appointments, I rarely see other clients. I like taking my time to relax and get ready mentally and otherwise for my date. I spend the day reading and listening to music, walk in the park, prepare my evening attire, take a long bath, do my hair and make up and think of the man I am about to attempt pleasing. Creating a little magic in the cold reality we live in every day, is not only a wonderful task, but a very emotionally fulfilling one. 


We were to meet at his hotel bar, and I had to recognise him by his light blue shirt, navy blazer and dark hair stubble. It wasn't difficult, I spotted him immediately after walking in. He was really elegant, attractive and manly.  As I was walking towards him, his eyes became bigger and he looked somewhat stunned. We greeted each other and began with a some small talk, I ordered a drink and he helped me take my coat off, but through the entire time we were talking, the look on his face was odd. The conversation wasn't exactly flowing, as he was awfully silent and his eyes were still big and worried, 40 minutes into the "date", I couldn't take it anymore, my patience ran out and I told him that I am sensing a slight tension, and that is the reason I always meet people before longer dates, to delicately avoid awkward and painful long hours together. Explained that I value my time and experiences with clients, and I would never agree to be gifted for something that's not mutually enjoyable, as I am much too selfish to meet such rejection from someone like him, whom I instantly liked, and spoil my evening.

He laughed, apologised about his face expression and told me, he would love if I actually stay the night and he is hoping his strange behaviour wasn't a deal breaker for me. Not once he said anythin