Breeze of change

November 3, 2017

Presumably we all hate change. Change means stepping out of our comfort zone and facing uncertainty. Change forces us to take risk, meet our fears and lose control over our familiar, stable every day life. It strongly suggests more effort and work. To change or welcome change into our life we need to admit something is not right and needs changing. Facing reality is not always pleasant and in order to keep our emotional stability and avoid anxiety we stay as far away as we can from change, but we only do it when we don't have enough motivation to embrace it.

The intimidation of the change is often reigned by the external world. The more we focus on external things to define our identity and worth, the more we are scared of changes. We imprison ourselves in materialistic stuff and outside influences but the truth is to reach our full potential and be stronger and overall better individuals, we need change.


I have thought about my hate-love relationship with Change many times. I've over- analysed my feelings and the driving force behind my need or resistance to change and what I've discovered is that change is not a one way street. Stepping into the world of change with the intentions to do it for the better, it doesn't necessarily mean 'the better' will be and visa-versa. Embracing a "forced change" , that is emotionally draining and damaging at the start, can bring you much benefit, happiness and growth later.

Initially, I've always believed I hate change. I am very much in-love with routines and familiarity.

I am the type of person who can go to a certain restaurant and eat the same meal for a decade, use the same perfume and watch the same movies over and over again. I like creating a daily mould and fit into it perfectly. I like organisation and neatness. I like being in control. 

But something doesn't ring right here. For a person who assumingly likes the cookie-cutter lifestyle, I am quite the risk taker and rule breaker. I've never done what is expected of me, never let myself being handcuffed to one place or person for longer than I felt necessary and never strove to comply with the ordinance.  I've lived on two continents and 4 cities for the last twenty something years. I've changed colleges, jobs, professions, houses, partners, hobbies, eating habits, friends, lifestyle... I've changed my outlook on live, my character, my values and I keep on looking for more change. Turns out, love and hate come always hand in hand, and one can not be fully comprehended without the other. Blurring the lines between hate and love is part of who we are. Both feelings are produced by passion, and as long as we have passion we will be striving for change.



Change, but along the way....don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx


Scorpions - Wind of Change-   I Love this song, enjoy !