Following the Sun

October 31, 2017



The season of big fluffy blankets, oversized pyjamas and cold feet is here, and I have to say - not at all my favourite.



It was the end of last November , when I've noticed my skin is throwing pale yellow shades. and my mood is perfectly matching the greyness of the sky. This may be a lovely soft finishing's scheme for London, but "my interiors" where in desperate need of the bright colour pallet of Spain. So to "decorate" them with a short trip to my beloved sunny Marbella, seemed like the right and very fabulous thing to do.


Laying in the skirts of Sierra Blanca, along the Mediterranean Sea, Marbella is the jewel of Costa del Sol.

Charm, warmth and glamour- what more can a girl you ask for?

Enjoying the simple pleasures in life while surrounded by luxury and sun is not a crime, but if it was, I would be guilty as sin. 


The excitement kicked in from the moment I touched Spanish grounds.

Loading my luggage into the rented car was like having an Aperitif before a Grand dinner. And on the trip to the hotel I felt like a teenager who has just turned 18, and having juicy thoughts of all the mischief she will finally be up to. 

I have visited some lovely luxury hotels along the Spanish Sunny coast, but Marbella Club has forever stolen my heart, from the very first time I stepped on it's glorious grounds.

The suites are beautifully decorated with every little comfort you may need, living rooms are opening into the tranquillity of the lushes green gardens filled with palm and fruit trees. The beach club is stunningly designed and bright. The restaurants offer world class cuisine and the service is just impeccable. 

Every little detail is overseen to perfection at this hotel, nothing has been missed, and the moment you leave, will be the moment you start planning your next visit.

Marbella Club has been renowned as the 'Darling resort' of the jetset, but underneath all the swagger, there is so much more to this absolutely amazing seafront plot.
This indulgent magnificence under the Spanish sun is where holiday dreams are made.