Hardware insights

October 24, 2017

When hanging a new Art piece on the bedroom wall, does a woman really care about the type of screws her installer is using? Does she think the giant screw will hold her Art better, or does she believe the smaller version achieves the same results?


Taking under consideration that each lady is different, each bedroom wall is differently built, each art piece has different dimensions and weight, and each handyman comes with different set of tools and skills, the answer will be - Depends! And one other, quite important remark to add, is that very few women would actually care about the tools used during installation, as long as the Art is hanged.


If a women, EVER,  have any equipment preferences, and speaking purely in hardware terms, they wouldn't really like ruining their precious house walls with ginormous screws. The damage can be "painfully expensive" and totally unnecessary, since smaller screws on the right places can do the trick just as well, avoiding the destruction. In case, their Art is very big and in need of some stronger screws, they would definitely go for the girth, rather than the length. 

But basically, it all comes down to experience. If the handyman isn't skilful , his big screw won't hang the Art, and that would not only lead to an unsatisfied customer, but it may even encourage a search for a new installer .... not to mention, in today's day and age, there are multiple ways of hanging Art pieces, and screws or even handymen aren't always a necessity.



I am sure you've picked up by now, I didn't exactly have hardware issues in mind when I sat down to write this blog post, but than again why not "screw" with you a little.


What I was thinking (perhaps, much too early in the morning for that kind of thoughts), was the perpetual question - Does size really matter?


As in hanging Art and choosing screws, so is in "boners" and delivering orgasms - it depends on different factors, but in general, Not really! 


Each woman is different and so are her demands, likes and desires.

Essentially, the journey is often much more important and exciting than the actual destination.  It is more the man, that stresses the importance of the size, not the woman. Learning about the woman's body, sensuality and mind, developing some sexual skills and sensuous techniques, will prove much more useful, when it comes to women's sexual pleasing, rather than being the proud owner of a  giant "screw".

The majority of woman are either not interested in the hardware or more than happy with the "grey zone" when it comes to size, and you will find that very few, actually are leaning towards the "black and white" poles. 

Men have a completely separate "tool department" in their brain, totally dedicated to sex. For them, sex drive is a visual act of compulsion, orgasm is the only goal, and they often keep a strict tally of their sexual conquests, just to feed their masculine ego and satisfy the need of sexual competitiveness...thus, the size issue they are creating. Women's mind however, does not have tool compartments for prioritising sex. We are emotional creatures, we like romance and passion. We love kissing and cuddling, verbal and hart-warming incentives are far more valuable, than the physical. For us sexual bliss comes more often with stimulating the mind, rather than the vagina