I can do the Twist

October 18, 2017


The Truth can be harsh and unforgiving, and I can openly say, I don't always like coming face to face with it.

But when I am really keen on the truth, I've learned never to ask questions. Being an observer and a listener always gives me a better shot at the truth. 

Curiosity and the love of gathering information by asking questions, are not at all a proven 'Truth provider', especially when it comes to people's life and character. 

I value my client's privacy and discretion, and never ask questions beyond what's connected to our session. If someone is comfortable sharing his life experiences, every day activities, relationships etc., I am happy to listen, and whatever is discussed, stays forever behind my doors.

Asking uncomfortable questions can provoke not only unpleasantness, but also lies.

I really don't like it when I am forced to twist the truth or lie. But let's agree some questions are intolerable, and especially in the Escort-Client dynamics.

As much as I would like keeping truthful, I can not. My good manners do not allow me to hurt someone's feelings by saying the truth, and it is very uncomfortable to be in such position.


If you would like me to be honest and not do "The Twist", please do not ask me question such as

(just a few examples):


1. What is your real name?


For you I am Nicole, and that is my real name in the fantasy of our encounter.

My private life is not on offer, and therefore not part of "the deal". Make me comfortable, become a friend and then you wouldn't have to ask


2. How many clients do you see a day?


Now that varies from day to day, but still such question is completely inappropriate. We are both privileged for the opportunity to see and spoil each other, let's leave it to that.