Digesting glamour

October 16, 2017


In our modern every day life, we are constantly surrounded by beauty and glamour, and everything seems so ordinary to us. As much as I feel lucky to be living in so much comfort and luxury, sometimes I resent it all. This fine life leaves my sense of excitement completely blunt. I refer to less and less as "Special" and often disregard otherwise remarkable moments. I am not sure if it's the good life, my age, experience or lack of shallow interests, but these days I am not at all easily impressed.

Recently, a very special client of mine invited me to a wonderful lunch and afternoon date and managed to induce quite a lasting memory on me. What left me in awe though, was slightly different that what one would imagine. 


He took me to the Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall. One of the foremost private members’ clubs in the world, this prestigious place was founded in 1897 with the purpose of "promoting the automobile's place in society".

With it's monumental architecture and ornate interior decoration- Impressive would simply be an understatement for this Grand Neoclassical building.




As an absolute 'sucker for' vintage cars and elaborate interiors, needless to say I was experiencing an extremely intense "visual orgasm".

 In the club's main rotunda, a different vintage beauty is displayed every week. From the mesmerising classy 1955 Jaguar XK140  to the stunning 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and Sebastian Vettle's Red Bull RB5, apparently there is always a special treat for the Car-lover's eyes.


In the imposing RCA's library, you can also admire pictures and information of every winning vintage car out there, . This atheneum holds an extensive collection of publications and magazines on automobilia and motor sports.


Voluminous high ceilings with ornate cornicing, beautiful winding staircases and balconies ,dazzling chandeliers and Roman Doric - this extraordinary architectur