Lost Elegance

October 14, 2017


In a world where, the current apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars, one can assume elegance would be somewhat respected. Well, apparently that assumption is totally wrong. Seems like dressing up for the opera or the theatre is a thing from the past. People these days don't shy away from jeans and even trainers when they are attending cultural events. No discrimination against the Urban street fashion, but let's agree that the ripped jeans are not exactly an All-occasion-wear. 

I remember when I was a young girl, going to the theatre with my parents was such an anticipated occasion. We would be planning ahead our outfits for days, my mum would wear her fabulous, sparkly jewellery and even pop in at the hairdresser for an "up-do", my dad in a tuxedo and shined to perfection shoes- they were a vision. Everyone looked so glamorous and elegant, and going to see a ballet, opera or theatrical play was one of my favourite events. Still is, minus the scruffy crowd.

It is so rare to see elegant people these days, the ones I have spotted are very few and usually from the Baby Boomer generation.


Why is elegance not appreciated anymore?

Even Stefano Pillati, the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent said - " Elegance is the idea of showing an optimistic depiction of oneself, and to lose oneself in the frivolity of style and fashion. Nowadays nobody gives a shit about being elegant, or chic."


What I am thinking is that, perhaps, it isn't  the social principle of dressing up for an occasion that has changed, but rather what we see as an occasion in today's day and age.

We are so use to going out and eating at beautiful restaurants, watching any show or concert we like, have high-tea in opulent hotels, and spoil ourselves anyway we fancy, that we have become ungrateful. The luxuries we are afforded every day, we count as rights, and no longer value much of what we have. So, maybe to reclaim the lost elegance, we must first reclaim a sense of gratitude.

But what do I know. I am called "Ma'am" these days, and should better keep my opinion for my very elderly- self. 


Be grateful and elegant.....and don't forget to smile!


Nicole xxx