"Johnny Bravo" Alert

October 12, 2017


It is my favourite kind of "stand-up humour", watching men very vocally criticising one woman's body, while drooling after another. This completely ridiculous motion is often bringing my sarcasm pot to boiling hot.

I can't even hear when they are so feverishly ridiculing the "flat ass or small boobs" of woman, while peacock-ing in front of another, as I am too busy laughing at the paradox in front of me.

For many of those "comedians", gym is the "performing stage". Feeling pumped and fabulous feeds their  "funny expression of speech". Fortunately for the observer, and unfortunately for them, their own looks or "drama skills" are not even worthy of a low budget parody.


It is hilarious, that someone who criticises the totally uncontrolled genetics of a woman, has forgotten his "leg day" through out his entire gym life.

The woman with the less shapely behind, can't really do much about her body structure, but those men can certainly train other parts of their body, besides the biceps. If they can find 5 days a week to exercise their back, chest and arms, while tee-hee-ing at women's genetic resources, why not throw some squats and dead-lifts in between? 

The strong legs may actually give them more leverage running after the girls with the nice behinds. Those same girls that prefer the non-gymming, respectful, successful nerds over them.


I would like to point to those "jury manikins" that are walking around in the pace of a well fed dinosaur, while holding arms in a position "I'll carry the watermelons" is not exactly screaming 'Alfa male' to the ladies, and the combination  of a "beer&burger bulging belly" and 'somewhat define arms' is far less attractive than the flat chest of Kate Hudson for example.

Those who actually look the part, but still act like total morons, should be reminded that the brain is the most important muscle in the human body, and some training in that area may result in an adequate manly behaviour and even attraction. Injecting an expensive hormonal cocktail into their veins will hardly transform them into the Blue Blooded Hunks the pretty girls go after, so perhaps, learning some good manners could be a much smarter activity.





Smile...and don't forget your manners!


Nicole xxx