Old is Gold

October 11, 2017


I've always had difficulties establishing an opinion based on "popular belief". Believing in something should come from a place of logic, knowledge, inner intuition and emotion. My highly analytical nature tends to brings me a lot of thought before I am able to form an opinion. If, it's always the correct one, remains a question, but never-the-less is my own, and therefore special.


Talking about opinions - 

It is assumed that only young girls can make a "successful escort"(whatever that means), and that should probably be the correct assumption in a world where the best compliment is "You look young for your age".

These days, there are only two ages for woman who are considered beautiful, Young and Younger. In a society obsessed with youth, every woman over the age of 26, is way past her expiration date and should immediately arm herself with anti-ageing ammunition. The weaponry is often invasive and emotionally damaging, but yet the attitude "No pain no gain" persist.

But if youth is what all men search for, why is the "Mature escort" a thing?

According to the escort agencies and many advertisers in the industry, there is a huge demand for the "not so young" ie Mature woman( 30+). What is the root of that contradictory?


This is how I see it...

From the time we can remember ourselves, we are striving to fit into the robotic life-stream of society. 

The value paths installed in us from an early age are straight and clear, and any diversion is seen as a failure. We are told we need to study hard, marry and have kids, build a successful career, buy a big house, throw the best dinner parties and look amazing for as long as we shell live.

But in that crazy "pursuit of happiness"  we often feel sad, neglected and lonely. We straggle to express who we are and cater for our emotional needs, we tire of the given burdens and live in despair.

As hard as this is for all of us, men have, the not so easy tusk, to do it all without showing emotion.

It is seen as unmanly to show weaknesses and plead distress, and thus suffering in silence is what men do best. It is only natural to feel lonely and isolated when unable to express your inner thoughts and desires. As humans we are designed for many things, but loneliness isn't one of them.

Loneliness is not only caused by being alone, a man can feel lonely by rejection from their spouse or lover, abuse and stress in the work environment , inability to fit in the norm of success, poor body-image, health issues etc. In such moments of lonelines