Love Me More

October 9, 2017


No denying we live in a materialistic world. Everything we do and think is connected to money. It consumes our attention and energy and often has the ability to completely trash our values. We constantly want to make money, spend money, invest money, save money...and this desire, on many occasions, drives us into decisions which we wouldn't otherwise take. We forget about our passions and aspirations and simply become different people in the pursuit of "gold".


I know, if money weren't an issue, I would not be doing what I am doing now. It is sad to have come to such realisation, but on the other hand it is a choice.

My love for money has made me choose a profession that doesn't resonate so well with my character, but as the positive and happy person that I am, I can not sit around feeling sorry for myself, I can only decide to give a new meaning to what I do. I still need to be able to find joy in my every day life, no matter of the circumstances.

I found that twisting the concept and setting my own standards is one way of doing that.

I may not have the financial freedom to be me, but I have the intellectual and emotional freedom to preserve all I can from my "ME".

In the escort industry many people see me as arrogant and obnoxious. They see my "separation" from the masses as a hubris-tic behaviour and expect me to care about their opinion.

Call me selfish, but don't we all have one purpose in life - to be happy? Is it arrogance to want your own happiness?

I like rational and self-confident people and they like me back. I like people who stay away from stereotyping and ignorance and they like me back. I like people who know seduction and pleasure are not so much physical, and they like me back.


I can not be happy doing only what others expect of me, I can not be happy always conforming with norms I do not agree with, and I can, certainly, not be happy if I don't listen to my very own voice.


We are all different and live in a free world, we should be able to express who we are freely without judgement.

Yes, I love money very much, but I love Me more. Money can buy me a lot, but can not buy me everything. Certain things I can do for money, and certain things I can never. How am I different than you?  


Generalising is something that has always bothered me. We are excellent at making generalisations about the world based on very limited experience. Automatic labelling is so popular, it almost make us look competent. Almost!


So the way I see it is, I am only different if your views are. I am only arrogant if you are unsure of yourself. Otherwise I am as normal as a woman can be.


What we seek is seeking us.


I think was Bill Cosby who said, and I love that quote- "I don't know what the key to success is , but the key to failure is trying to please everyone"


I can only please one person per day - Today I choose Me!


Always choose YOU....and don't forget to smile!