From Awful Gents to Regent's

October 7, 2017

Yesterday, I was sitting peacefully on my sofa having my morning coffee and thinking about a new subject for my blog, when my phone went "insane". In a matter of short 30-40 minutes I received more then 15 calls. This usually means a busy day for me, but yesterday that meant all crazy people in London deciding to telephone me. From old fellows trying to talk dirty (and probably wank- Excuse my "French"), rude men calling me "Babe" (my favourite-small names), to the annoying escort marketers trying to sale their products - it was just  "Phone hell". 

But being the epic person that I am, instead of ruining my mood and spending a miserable day "at work" , I left my phone at home, and off I went to have some fun and soak the October sun.

One place in London, that has never failed to make me happy and put a smile on my face is Regent's Park.This place is magic for my eyes and peace for my soul. I use to leave right across the street from the park and have had the privilege to go for a walk every morning for nearly 2 years. Photographing the beauty of the park under the changing seasons, looking at the squirrels and birds, admiring the without a doubt, one of my London hobbies.

Every day is a perfect day to visit Regent's Park, but yesterday was even better, the sun was shining and the park is home to the Famous Frieze Masters. For those of you who do not know, Frieze is a publication company that holds three of the biggest art fairs in the world. Frieze Masters is one of those fairs, and it showcases thousands of international art pieces from all eras. 

There is a free outdoor contemporary sculpture exhibition in the English Gardens as well. A must visit for all art lovers.


Enough about Art now, let me share a little of my "Regent's love"  in high hopes that will inspire you to take a stroll around the park this weekend and get some much needed Vitamin D.


I usually start my walk with breakfast or just grab a coffee-on-the-go at the Regent's Park cafe, this place is always buzzing with group of cyclist, young families and people with their furry friends. 

Stepping into London's largest collection of roses at Queen Mary's Gardens, with my coffee in hand is a holiday for my mind. This romantic setting of thousands of rose species, flowers and threes and black swans flowing on the little lake, makes me easily forget the busy, hectic city life outside of it's gates.


 Reading a book or simply listening to the falling waters in the fountains of the English Gardens, picnic at the open fields, watching the kids playing soccer, witness the joy of the dogs running around their owners, sitting on top of Primrose Hill overlooking the city....all those little pleasures of life are an escape from my every day stresses and thoughts. 


Walking down the narrow end of Regent's Park road, smiling at the little white townhouses and

buying some flowers from the local florist, ramble on the canal and going to the vibey Camden for an aromatic tea at the terrace of Yamchaa and some Vegan pancakes from OSU Coconuts .....

So much beauty and joy, you just need to find it inside first, and then you will able to see it on the outside!