Short and sweet

October 5, 2017

I have, surely, seen quite a few men over the past two years, and there has never been a shortage of wonderful gentlemen with impeccable manners. I have created many delightful friendships and lovely memories, and I truly have deep "love" for all my amazing "Temporary Boyfriends".

But, as with everything else we experience in life, there is always, one thing or person that stands above the others. 

I do, indeed, have my very favourite client.

A young Brad Pitt look-alike, who drives a Pagani Zonda...just kidding! I'm not as shallow as I look. Blonde can spell "Substance" every not so often.


So back to my "Rolls-Royce" Gentleman- He does not, as you may assume, perform the "Sexual Cupid" on me, leave a hefty tip by the bed, doesn't wear the genetics of a Greek God, and is not Roman Abramovich either. But he posses all the special qualities that I adore in a man.

He is funny and honest, smart and thoughtful, has a refreshing personality and spicy tongue(I get sarcasm), an "old school" gentleman with polished manners and cultivated outlook on life(with a modern twist).

I've been seeing him for close to a year now, and even over the long months, when I didn't work, I was still more than excited to spend time with him. 

His every visit, when I open the door and see him standing there with the biggest smile (and often a lovely bouquet of flowers), is a happiest occasion for me. 

I've, so many times, asked myself about what makes me so excited to see him? He doesn't, in general, do anything different than the rest of my lovely TBs (Temporary Boyfriends) , but what I have found out the answer to be, is - He allows me to be ME. 

He comes "naked", with no expectations and preconceived ideas of how I should be and what should I do. He just lets me unleash the good, the bad and the crazy in me, and gladly soaks the unexpected. 

He listens, when I need to be heard the most, and cater to my every emotion. Our conversations are flowing and I selfishly quench my thirst for understanding with him.

Being in this business , I have to conform to what is expected of me, and that often defers from my reality or persona.  

Our time together is my escape to the "ME", without the limitation of this profession. He gifts me with intimacy. In my "books", this is, the ultimate achieve