Yearning for my Love

October 4, 2017

Waking up to cheerful bird songs, laying in my pyjamas on a sunbed surrounded by lush green gardens or sitting on balcony with a mesmerising view, having coffee and feeling the morning sun kissing my skin ....

This is how I spent most of the mornings of the last two Octobers. October was a highly anticipated month for me in the past two years. My fascination with Spain is real. I must of been Spanish in one of my previous lives, because everything Spanish spells JOY for me.

Marbella and Mallorca are by far my favourite Spanish slices of paradise. The weather is amazing all year round, the beaches are magnificent, the landscapes are breathtaking, the charming little villages have the most amazing sea scenery and captivating architecture, the people are warm and friendly,  the cuisine is excellent , the 5* hotels are really luxurious and well worthy of their starts, and the list of activities and things to do is is pure perfection. 

Recalling just a moment spent in these heavenly places is an escape on it's own.


Today I will tell you little bit about my "interactions" with the stunning Island of Mallorca, and why my heart cries knowing this October I will not be visiting Spain


Having a breakfast at an elegant castle's balcony while overlooking the entire Palma de Mallorca, is quite a memorable way to start a simple day, don't you think? (Castillo Hotel Son Vida)

This place is an actual castle built in 13th Century, surrounded by a lovely golf coarse and with the most amazing views of Palma Bay. It is beyond unforgettably magnificent.

On the day of my arrival, I had so much planned, but instead, I've spent the entire afternoon just admiring the view and thinking about nothing.

The most incredible relaxation technique is the ability to empty your mind. 

And talking about meditation...really, no need to hurt your back, sited in an awkward position poorly resembling, what's suppose to be lotus, while counting slowly your breaths and wondering how your next year will unfold, just have a glass of wine with that view in front of you, and all your thoughts will disappear. 






There is so much to see and adore in Mallorca. This island was magic to my tired city eyes.

Driving through the mountains, opening my car window and smelling the fresh air, crossing fantastic landscapes where unexpected cliffs overlook the sea, was an absolutely enchanting experience.