New Celebrity in Town

October 3, 2017

High-class escorting has been almost completely digital-ised in the recent years, and internet is the new norm for advertising and promoting. But as much the Escort industry has moved towards a paper-less marketing , when it comes to payment methods -cash is still a king. 

Some service providers do offer digital payments with credit cards and PayPal, but not many clients are keen on leaving a trace records of their payments, and often some of those accounts are closed by authorities, so cash remains the most popular way to pay for escort services to date.


To avoid detection and yet, still offer a digital payment option, some providers are getting creative and adopting a new way of payment - by crypto-currencies, This method of payment offers the protection of anonymity for both clients and providers, as well as discrimination from financial institutions.

Bitcoin was the first crypto-currency developed in 2009 and is the most popular on the market. Since then, many other altcoins have been created.

The concept of Bitcoin as a peer to peer, decentralised currency certainly appeals to to the escort industry and other adult markets. The crypto-currency "Wallet to Wallet" payments take immediate effect and are non-reversible payment method.

At present there is a relatively small number of clients using crypto-currencies, and not everyone who owns them, will be willing to spend in the industry. The irreversible transaction concept means, the client must trust completely the provider for delivering, when taking a crypto-payment upfront.

Overall adopting crypto-currency as a payment method in the escort industry has its advantages and disadvantages, and the success in the long term is yet to be seen, but it is savvy to be disruptive and make pioneering changes.


Go Crypto...and don't forget to smile!