Troubled Young Minds

October 2, 2017


The Escort Industry is on a rise in the recent years, and hundreds of thousands of women around the world are operating under the "escort umbrella". More than 90% of those woman are in their teens or early 20's. The escort consumer is loving that fact, and the rest of society is stigmatising them every step of the way.

Should we not, perhaps, instead of condemning, dig dipper into the issue and try understand why so many young women are turning to such denounced profession? 


I personally, have asked myself that question so many times. I've wondered endlessly, why those young, vibrant woman that carry no burdens of family responsibilities and life's baggage are choosing Escorting.

I have heard many opinions on the subject. It is laziness, greed, sex addiction, drug addiction, poor background etc...

Somehow, all those surface level observations, even if in some cases correct, did not shape the entire answer for me, and I kept on pondering in search of the truth.

Possibly, if try and understand the issues of today's youth, look into the young women's way of thinking, emotions and aspirations, I will be able to have a clearer vision, and form an educated opinion about that issue. An opinion, that maybe can help someone, a mother, a friend, a lover, a young escort herself. 


When kids are young, they are like a sponge. Just absorbing everything they come across. Sadly, it is easier to soak up the negative, rather than the positive.

In their early childhood , girls play with their perfect looking dolls, colour in princesses with beautiful gowns and speak to imaginary friends, without even realising that every little thing they see, hear, touch or imagine, forms them and their individuality.

Most parents, surely, provide great material comfort for their kids, but do they attend to girls' emotional needs, do they understand and motivate them?

Taking care of a family, while trying to juggle marriage, career, bills and emotional distress is by all means, a hectic duty, and understanding the youth, often seems like a colossal labour, better left ignored. 

The constantly exhausted parents, galloping through adult fret rarely have the time to prize their kids or offer emotional support, but often verbally display their displease, in case of a wrong doing. Those parents are just as responsible as the rest of society for the youth's mental health.

Kids often turn to internet and social media in quest of finding inner comfort. Regrettably, we all know where that leads. Insecurities, self-estee