Rude Awakening

September 30, 2017


For a long time due to my rotatory cuff injury, gym and salsa dancing were swapped for indulgent “sofa affairs" and my body was slowly lured into the terrible sin of only sitting on it's sexy “cushions” 😊 Until four months ago, my daily walks in the park were my only major activity.

When my shoulder healed, I was ready to go back to gym but had to think of something less stressful for my shoulder as a starter.

Looking desperately for the right way to slowly awaken those sleeping muscles, before I show them who's the Boss and completely "murder" them with weight training ... Internet suggested - Yoga!


Well, not exactly like my favourite classic weight training, but definitely a way to come back slowly to my healthier, more athletic self. And luckily far from "cardiNo"



The idea of bending my body into inhuman pretzel positions for an hour was simply horrifying and the closest I have ever come to Yoga, is eating Yogurt. Mostly Coconut. I am vegan. 




So, my very first yoga class was called “MYSORE” and involved a wide variety of awkward, painful and "crotch revealing" movements, that left me completely breathless.


You got to really love the names of these wonderful things, right? - there’s one probably called - “This MotherF**** going to kill ya”. Now, that will for sure, be my rest day. 


These Yoga stuff claim to stretch, but by the next day, was more like “stiffen” and my not so flexible body parts were even less flexible now.


Before I could even fully recover from that crazy escapade, I have booked myself into another audacious affair - called Pilates.  


Pilates….ok, most of the class was filling up with elderly ladies with tired faces - I should be able to cope right?!  Wrong! Those old stunners are much stronger than they look.


The fabulous Pilates routine, was basically comprised of me shaking uncontrollably and staring at someone's behind while trying to eye the sexy, swoll guys passing outside the studio.


By the evening my stomach was in excruciating pain. Oh, since I am now exercising, should be more "muscular appropriate" and say ABS.



Abs... Oh, yes I recall that distant memory of square shaped hardness on my stomach. I adore them so much, that I have lovingly covered them with a protective layer 😊  


Think it’s called muffin...but honestly, I prefer cupcakes. Vegan cupcakes please!  



The bendy-strengthening stuff did me well at the end, but so happy to say I am back to normal training.