The Unreachable Sanctuary

September 26, 2017

We all have the urging need to achieve success, approval and acceptance.

But we are often faced with the reality that sometimes others reject us or our dreams of accomplishment don’t always come through.

No matter what we have, no matter who loves us or how beautiful and abundant our present life is, we are always craving what we can't have. The chase of that craving, becomes like a fantasy game, where drama and challenge serves us as fuel.


What is it, that drives us on that crazy quest to the unreachable?


Do we feel the absence of passion in ourselves, and the chase makes it feel more palpable?

Passion is that intense emotion and compelling enthusiasm or desire for something, that many of us keep on searching for, but never sure what it really is


Is it the rush and anticipation of walking the fine line between safety and danger, that excites us?

Presumably every risk comes with a reward.The more outrageous the risk, the better the reward


Are we simply bored and want to bring a little spice into our life?

We feel trapped in a life of routines, sameness and monotony and often search for excitement in our internal world


Does chasing after a seemingly unattainable goal, seems like a good entertainment ?

Entertainment holds our attention and interest and gives  us pleasure and delight.


Is it the invigorating feeling of pursuit, triggering our natural curiosity and competitiveness ?

We just like to know the answers to things, even if there's no obvious benefit and competition is an evolutionary conserved trait. This is how we evolve- trough curiosity and competition.


Is it the unavailability of something or someone, that makes us see it/them , as more valuable?

"high in demand and low in supply" is the forever popular


Perhaps, it is happiness, what we are chasing?

Seeing the happiness we lack, in the things we can't have


But our happiness is closely related to our confidence and self-image  - does that mean, we lack self-worth?

Our self-worth is how we value ourselves. We discover our values in comparison to society and then, we make our own definition of success. And since society places excessive importance on the outwards values of success and achievement,often our own values of success are quite shallow

That shalowness triggers our inner need to compare ourselves to other's victories.