To be Plastic is Fantastic

September 20, 2017

Life is better, if you are Beautiful.


Scientists believe, that physical appearance has important social effects, it is ingrained in our biology and entrenched in our human evolution. Judging a person based on their attractiveness it's often simply a survival mechanism. 

The norms of beauty can hugely very from person to person, and are widely influenced by culture, beliefs, media and personal tastes.

Whatever the vision, people tend to gravitate towards the beautiful individuals, because pleasing physical appearance is often associated with a lot of positive qualities. Beautiful people are seen as more successful, social, healthier, smarter, persuasive, trustworthy etc.

As deep as science say or as shallow as it appears - we are all attracted to beauty, and all of us strive to be attractive to the opposite sex.

But, how do we appear more attractive, if we haven't exactly hit the genetic lottery?

It turns out, in today's day and age, plastic surgery maybe the answer. 

Many people shy away from that idea, simply because of the many botched bodies and wonky faces examples, after a " plastic surgery gone wrong". But in reality 95% of the plastic surgeries are skillfully done and the effects are very pleasing to the eye. Also, statistics show that people who went under the knife have seen few other advantages, besides the improved physical appearance. Increased self confidence, physical and mental health and better social integration are some of those advantages.

Looking good, translates to feeling good- which means a greater willingness to try new things, and open up in social situations, reduction of anxiety and stress connected to appearance, and there after more desire to improve and take better control over every aspect of life.

However, the "idea of beautiful" in combination with plastic surgery- is often abused and twisted and the results are highly distorted. Often the cause of that, is BDD(body dysmorphic disorder). A disease frequently misdiagnosed and apparently affecting around 2.5% of the population. But is it really a disorder that produces a "Stylised plastic beauty" or is it something else?


Some statistics show that men are sexually attracted to women who had plastic surgery, and even more so to the ones who have the exaggerated appearance i.e enormous breast implants, rib removal for a tiny waste and huge fillers lips.  

A size 8 girl, with breasts looking like soccer balls and lips that remind us of the baboon's swollen ass isn't exactly an epitome of beauty.

So, what is it exactly, that attracts men to that certain type of plastic woman? 

Is it primal instincts ( we are related to the primates, after all)? Is it the media? Is it just the desire to try a stereotype of women that is so closely connected to the sexual ecstasy? 

Curiosity? Or is the a trend in woman's beauty?


Many men deny those "accusations" and say "No man likes fake"...


"We know the difference in real hair and fake clips on's we know eye lash extensions, we know fake hard titties pointing in 4 directions with your ribs showing in the middle,we know when you got little chicken legs and it leads to and oversized #fake ass you guys are really starting to go TOO FAR with manufactured beauty - fake lips, skinny nose barely can even breathe through your own nostrils."

"Some of you have convinced yourself that it's OK cause of how many dudes be trying to get at you," he added. "Please let me explain..... You got your temp fix and you will continue to 'attract' men who ONLY want a temporary fix." - Tyrese Gibson