The Escort Slack-lining

September 12, 2017



Is it "All about Me" client's attitude that turns passion into mechanical duty for the escorts, or is it more complex than that?  Business or pleasure? Is it possible to "purchase" emotion? Can escorts really enjoy their time with clients?


Those are some hot topics, and at times they get so scorching, no one dares to touch them.

Unfortunately, there isn't an Escort Manual Handbook that points to the last detail of how an escort session will unfold. Many issues may occur in the attempt to professionalise intimacy, and in many ways passion will prevail over the crazy desire of viewing escort work just as business.


People are different, and so are their attitudes and circumstances. Balancing between business and intimacy under the spiteful and judgemental eye of society, where pure lack of empathy easily becomes the worst adviser, is not just hard , but enough to push anyone (client or escort) into the pit of bad taste.

 Even a great person can be provoked in displaying some unruly and rotten behaviour if they do not have complete control over their emotions, and when placed under immense physical or psychological pressure.


While many (senseless, arrogant) men are under the impression, that by paying an escort, they do not need to take her feelings or desires under consideration, and the only reason she is there, is to serve their needs and make them feel validated and superior. Other (wise,insightful ) MEN, treat their escorts with the respect and dignity they deserve.The same way they will treat any other woman in an intimate encounter. Knowing and understanding sexual ecstasy can only be achieved by two people feeling equally the burning desire and overwhelming sensation of passion, and that emotional connection is of a vital importance for such passion. Intimacy can never be selfish.


Of course, how the escort will respond in either situation is just as individual.

There are many escorts who are closed to the idea of emotional connection between themselves and a client, and treat it as a business transaction. Some find it easier to deal with their inner demons that way. Some have been emotionally hurt by a client/lover in the past and some are simply hustlers, and interested only in the financial rewards. Often such escort interactions are described by the clients as monotone and mechanical, and they completely reject the idea of repetition. 

Probably, most of those escorts lack regular clientele. But I can only guess, men who are into "the bang-bang" style experience do not mind seeing such ladies. And as long as the escort is meeting their physical aesthetics and service requirements, they are fully satisfied.