The Art of Courtesan Life

September 9, 2017



It is not arrogance that sets me apart from the London escort masses , it's my approach to the business and my dignity. The respect I have for myself, my clients and a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind the sexual ecstasy.

The popular belief, an escort is always available to anyone, and will do anything for money is a mare myth. My services are not negotiable even for the Super rich and there is no amount of money that can buy chemistry or repulse.

Throughout the history, and to these days, there have been a difference between the Hooker and the Courtesan( both referred as escorts on most occasions), and perhaps it is time for the consumer to have a better grasp on that difference.

A Courtesan does not have to be the most beautiful woman, besides beauty is subjective,there is no such thing as One Escort fits all, neither a Courtesan has to be highly educated, though, it helps,but she needs to be a well rounded woman. Grounded, intelligent, elegant, classy and free to make her own choices. 

Understanding men is not an easy tusk for any woman, but understanding the simple reality is a MUST.

Some escorts only want money and think they don't need to give much in return, apart from spreading their legs.They often hate their clients and refer to them as 'idiots'. Working until the early hours of the morning, from dodgy dark rooms with questionable hygiene, smell of cheap perfume and lingerie from China town with unidentifiable colour that was once white.

A Courtesan carters for all needs, emotional and sexual, while feeling gratitude and acknowledging her lucky strikes. She does it with class and dignity and takes pride not only in her appearance, but her working place and her care for the client. A Courtesan carefully chooses who she sees, reads between the lines to insure good time for both, client and herself. Quality over quantity is the moto


As a Modern Courtesan, I always have the luxury of choice while staying very true to myself.

I choose when I work and how long, I choose whom I see and on what terms, I choose what I can offer and how far I would like to go, I choose where I work and live, I choose how far I would like to travel for work, I choose to screen my clients through their message/email etiquette and communication mannerism,and most importantly I have the choice of being Me. Make no mistake, it is my own will to work in that industry and for the majority of time , I love it!

Of coarse, I have hard days too, but not many. Detecting arrogance is not always possible and difficulties may occur in appointments with the wrong Alfa male, but knowing how to handle tricky situations with a smile is part of the job. Also having chemistry and natural attraction to everyone it's impossible, even when the man ticks most boxes.

There are also days, when I simply want to sit in my pyjama, have messy hair, reschedule my nail appointment and watch stupid videos on youtube - on those days I do not see clients. Being always immaculately groomed for my clients is a religion to me.


Is my moral compass making me doubt myself every now and again?...Yes, absolutely!

However, I do not tend to drawn in those doubts. How am I different than all those girls having a multitude of sexual partners, picking them up from bars and social media? fact, I feel I am far better, as I always use protection, choose my clients very carefully while sober,and get rewarded for my time.

Do I doubt my occupation choices on occasion? ...well, who has't actually experienced those doubts, no matter what their kind of industry they are in. But, it is more the social stigma that comes with my choice of work, that bothers me, rather than the work it self.

I have a formal education,for many years worked a "normal" job, and had a good career in my fields. I loved what I was doing, but still there were many moments where I doubted my choice and myself, felt unsatisfied ,tired and fed up by clients and partner's constant inability to stay level headed and calm in stressful situations. 

You will ask me why did I choose to become a Courtesan when having the opportunity to have a "real life" job? Well, there have been many reasons and unforeseen circumstances that brought me to this industry and the answer is quite complex, but WOW...what a big difference in lifestyle.

From reading 50-60 emails every morning, working up to 18 hours a day and often weekends, meetings, traffic, insomnia, stress and holidaying once in a blue Moon -

To reading books in bed, walking in the park and enjoying being alive, observing the season changes on the trees and flowers and listening to  the birds chirping, visiting museums, going to a ballet, attending meet up groups and discussing interesting issues, having long and peaceful beauty sleep, travelling 5-6 times a year....I can go on and on.


What keeps my head above water all times, and not make me fall into the pity party while working in this industry, is remembering who I am as an individual. People see you as they are, the haters will always hate and the blamers will always blame.Life is to short to take everyone's opinion personally.

I also never assume, if I need to know something I ask. As a friend of mine likes saying: "Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups" . What I do is not who I am, but I take full responsibility and pride in my actions.

Perhaps, we all do things we aren't proud of once in a while, we are only human after all, but Me, earning my living, without hurting anyone is not one of those things.


Attending to my wonderful "Temporary Boyfriends", who shower me with attention and appreciation is pure joy. Having interesting conversations, pleasureful afternoons , travelling adventures while exploring the best of my sexuality and relaxing under the skillful hands and care of "My Men"...what can be better?... Nirvana?

Being surrounded by handsome, intelligent, successful, interesting men is often an envy, even for the politicians (wink)


Shout out to all my Amazing "Temporary Boyfriends" aka clients! 


Happy Weekend Everyone and don't forget to smile!





Link to Veronica Franco's poetry (16th Century Poet and Courtesan)





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