Nicole Amore

Hourly Rates

Independent escort London
Please note that my rates are a gracious form of “Thank You” for my time and companionship only.
Try to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.
 Please understand that my approach is one of cultivation.
You do your best to make me feel comfortable and secure about your identity and intentions, we get to know one another and then…the world is our oyster.
For Extended Bookings (lunch,dinner dates&overnight)please click here
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Currency Convertor
                                                                                          The rates are in GBP £                                                                                     
 I do NOT accept any other currency
                                                                               Cash is the only payment method                                                                                 
You can find Currency Exchange Offices and ATMs in close proximity of my Incall location and right outside Earls Court Station
Gift Presentation:
Please never put me in a position to have to ask for the Love Offering. Please leave me or present me with the gift preferably in an envelope or gift sack, as soon as we meet. Please note that should you choose to initiate a discussion of finances and romantic activities in the same conversation, before or during our appointment, the discussion will be quickly cut off and the appointment will be terminated with no refunds or explanations given. Also, negotiations of any kind either before or after appointment are not acceptable to me and I do not respond positively to this approach.
Tipping and Gifts: 
Absolutely not necessary but sometimes a sweet gentleman may wish to show extra appreciation, and I am often asked what goodies I particularly enjoy. These gifts are always appreciated and treasured. Click here for guide