Nicole Amore


          Erotic Massages  are My Speciality 

Sensual Massages are designed to bring balance and harmony to both body and mind, to improve your general health, rejuvenate and invigorate your sexual energy, creating an exquisite range of sensations that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in life.

As your body surrenders its defences under my skillful hands and opens up to the world where everything seems to slow down to its natural pace; peace becomes a tangible sensation and every sensual touch will spread endless pleasure.

Your body will whisper – You are here, whole and alive!


Treat yourself to a real indulgence with the range of sensual massages, I use techniques which you will never forget. You will be refreshed and relaxed and feel ecstasy with every fibre of your being.





Sensual Massages for every mood, from teasing and tantalising , stimulating,arousing, to soothing and relaxing, you can indulge in a wide range of luxurious total body sensations. 

Discover a whole new Universe of sexy play with tip-to-toe sensual and erotic massages. Explore sexually charged movements and manipulations, with some surprising additions and variations. Voluptuous new ways to excite and delight the senses.