The Sun does not tone down it's brightness just because someone can't handle the light
         xx    Nicole


This page is dedicated to help you find interesting reading and have better understanding on all Escort and Massage Matters.
I have found so many wonderful blogs and articles on issues I would like to often address , but leave unattended when pressed for time.
There is so much to be said about the today's high-class companion, who is often mistreated, misunderstood or blamed for simply making a choice to be unorthodox lady in very "Rule programmed society"
Happy reading everyone!
1. Beautifully written blog-diary on every day issues and life of a Modern Courtesan
2. Full description of  Tantric Massage
3.Complete Guide to Escort Etiquette
4.Very entertaining...Men's thoughts  on escort vs dating
5. Escort vs Hooker
Dangerous Beauty
Example of video
You found me and stopped by, but why should you stay ?....Well, perhaps serendipity finally brought you to a sensual service, that is rather an exquisite work of art. The one you have been missing and looking for yesterday, today and even tomorrow...
Disarmingly charming, with a sexy, indistinct accent and tempting, dangerous curves , I'm the enigmatic result of a simple, warm heart-ed, small town girl who discovered the world and made it her oyster. 
My passion for knowledge and genuine curiosity, creativity and adventurous life, good education and natural intelligence  polished me into the cultivated, classy gem you've just had the pleasure of discovering.
I don't know my destination yet, but I am so enjoying the much rewarding journey. I have my blog as a friend, my passport as a diary, my emotions as a map, and my gratitude as the aromatic life flower, everyone endlessly is searching for.
I have much love within me , willing to share ...but don't be mistaken, I am not a bite for every mouth. My menu is limited, but exquisitely delicious for the experienced,wholesome "foodie". My words are sharp, but refreshingly funny for the man who reads between the lines. My looks are shallow, but character deep for the one who can mine with his mind. 
I am not the woman you'll enchantingly exchange gazes with at the bar .
I don’t really frequent bars often.
I am not the woman you've noticed strolling elegantly across the street in a short dress and stilletoes.
I wander hidden under dark shades and long sleeves.
I am not the effortlessly engaging woman you incessantly eye at a party.
The stars drew me outside before the stroke of midnight.
Not all women who choose this profession are the same. The stereotype sometimes proves invalid.
I want to be touched in more ways than the evident. I want to give you more pleasure that the obvious. I want us to rise to a place where the time has stopped, and the rain outside is like a glittery dust to our passion. I want you to feel my soft palms on you, much after I've stroke you with them. I want you to dream. I want you to smile. I want you to remember.
With sparkly eyes, happy smile and warmest regards -  Au revoir !
Mobile: +44 7400240934
Address: SW5  Earls Court