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I have created the BustyVixenNicole website to help you exhilarate you London escort massage experience.  I am fully Independent escort in London
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Important Notice : I am now a brunette

One of the greatest joys in my current venture is to feel the connection with my admirer; to know that he is tethered to my eyes, to my body, to my words and entirely existing only in the present love-making sphere. It is my intention to invite him into my mindset so powerfully that he can discard with ease any notion he might've had of what a courtesan is or should be. My mission is to offer memories not services. 


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                         Hello Gentlemen and a Warm Welcome to My Website
 Determined desire or serendipity
 Whichever wind blew you my way
 I hope you enjoy the snippety of
 What my character has to say!


I believe there is no coincidences in life. Every person who comes our way, is there for a reason. To teach us something, point us in the right direction, to give us understanding, love, pleasure...
Weather you were really looking for me or not, you have found me, and perhaps it is wise to discover the reasoning behind it.
I am like a flower. You will either like me or not from the very first time you lay eyes on me. But my colours and aroma will fade away fast when picked prematurely. To fully appreciate and enjoy me, I will need some care and nurturing. Reading the somewhat 'lengthy manual' will definitely be time-consuming, but hopefully interesting, informative and useful. At the end, you may find yourself in a radiantly aromatic garden. But don't take my word for it, explore and trust your intuition.
Happy Gardening and hopefully we meet soon!
                                                   Please be advised that the mobile view may defer from the desktop view
                         Hello Gentlemen and a Warm Welcome to My Website
 Determined desire or serendipity
 Whichever wind blew you my way
 I hope you enjoy the snippety of
 What my character has to say!


I believe there is no coincidences in life. Every person who comes our way, is there for a reason. To teach us something, point us in the right direction, to give us understanding, love, pleasure...
Weather you were really looking for me or not, you have found me, and perhaps it is wise to discover the reasoning behind it.
I am like a flower. You will either like me or not from the very first time you lay eyes on me. But my colours and aroma will fade away fast when picked prematurely. To fully appreciate and enjoy me, I will need some care and nurturing. Reading the somewhat 'lengthy manual' will definitely be time-consuming, but hopefully interesting, informative and useful. At the end, you may find yourself in a radiantly aromatic garden. But don't take my word for it, explore and trust your intuition.
Happy Gardening and hopefully we meet soon!
                                                   Please be advised that the mobile view may defer from the desktop view
My website is entirely designed and managed by me, and me alone, I am not however a web-designer or
webmaster and have made many mistakes which cause the site to be slow at times, please be patient, and thank you for understanding. Any advice and suggestions are welcome.
Nicole xxxx
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April 23, 2019

April 22, 2019

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Who is Nicole Amore?

I am what the Escort industry in London considers a Mature Escort. I am in my late 30's and very pleased with that "title", as it suggests experience over youth. Of course, I am keeping myself utterly delectable and always immaculately groomed for all occasions. I am a fantastic companion for the more cultivated gentlemen, who are in search of more than the obviously physical encounter.
I am a great conversationalist and a sophisticated lady, who easily excels in social situations, and appreciates  the intellectual connection between two adults. I am relatively new to the Escorting, but
I have my own very independent and interesting life, and have been around long enough to qualify as "veteran" in understanding the physical and emotional aspirations of men.
I have a great ability to control myself and the situation, and that gives me an edge over my younger competitors.
I am very selective about my clientele, and too wise to get into arguments with the non-suitors . I have found my own compromise and stick to it. I do not rely for reassurance on others, and the only approval I need is from myself.
I am not shy of my body and my sensuality has blossomed ever since I have started working in this industry. I am not afraid of new experiences, but I keep that spontaneity under discretion, and for the very few chosen ones.
Some may call me "old fashion", as I do not cater to kinky wishes, and "out-of-the-box" desires.
I welcome mature, kind and clean gentleman from all social statures, and value very much respectful behaviour and privacy. 


 How I've learned to Love My Curves
Growing up I was never really satisfied with my body. The norm was "skinny" and no matter how little I was, somehow I could never conform with that term.
The "boy-ish" image everyone admired was a distant galactic neighbour in my Universe.
I always had wide hips and round butt, ticker thighs and bigger chest. It was so frustrating...eating a cube of cheese a day or endless exercise were not working for me. I was feeling constantly exhausted, hungry and very unhappy with my body. 
Left with no choice but to embrace my curves and "roll-with-the-punches", I ignored Me.
For a while, decided, I am too busy with "Life's issues" to even notice my body, and it wasn't until I nailed 30 , that I realised having curves is actually sexy and womanly.
Going on a holiday alone, far from my every day frustrations, and receiving the excessive attention of all surrounding men, made me question that unforeseen admiration. 
What it is that they see, why am I, all of a sudden, attractive? 
Perhaps, the modern ideas of "beauty" have changed and "gorgeous" comes not only in size "skinny" anymore? Perhaps society has become less shallow and willing to admit the real is not perfect?
After much thought, I was able to conclude that is not the outside world that has changed , but my inside perspective.
Before, I was chasing  Boy's attention, and now I am receiving the Men's admiration. Before I was too young and naive, and had nothing else to care about, than the shape of my body and the few little dimples on my butt, and now I have discovered much precious life substance and inner beauty. Before my values were as budding as my age, and now I am basing them on experience and wisdom.
Curves are beautiful, and so is every size and form. As long as we love our shape and body, we will always shine. Proud to say, I am a Curvy woman!


 Is intimacy possible between a client and an escort?
Intimacy is like an orchestra playing music, and your mind is the conductor. To deliver a great performance you need to tune in all your senses, playing together in perfect harmony.  Every musician(sense) in an orchestra has a different idea of speed,expression and volume and you as the conductor control it. 
It is not sex that opens the gates to intimacy, it is the intimacy that opens the gates to sexual ecstasy.
Staying fully engaged in the here- and- now, and maintaining that attitude is elusive, but the present moment is all we have , and it is all that is real. The way to open up to intimacy is to liberate yourself from the fears and fantasies that until now may have inhibited your ability to be spontaneous and open in love making. Challenge your truth. You may find, revealing your deepest emotions to be stimulating and refreshing. 
To enjoy that deep intimate embrace with an escort, it is important to remember that she is just a woman. She longs, she expresses, she feels. If you want to experience her dynamism, creativity and share  intimate desires - give her what she yearns for. Remove the discomfort from the situation by giving her attention, gentleness, patience, empathy,  and she will gift you back  handsomely with all that she is.
Men are often afraid to express deep emotion, fearing they may lose their sense of manhood. A woman will not look for your prove of masculinity, her intuition  will always search beyond  the obvious.
What sums it all up is a quote by my Favourite Sufi Poet Melvana Jalaluddin Rumi - “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” 
Why I chose to be an Independent Companion
Independent escort vs Agency escort
The popular belief is Escort Agencies are safer and more reliable, than the Independent escort, and in some cases that is probably true. However, there is no big secret here, or at least to the Escorts. The secret is mindfully masked by the agencies and presented poshly to the client, under the disguise of safety and reliability talk. The secret is money.
The difference between agency escorts and independent escorts is the final amount of money that reaches the escort herself. Agencies are taking a big chunk of the escort's payments, and this is the main reason why the Independent escorts are growing so rapidly in numbers.
It is not an easy job to be an independent escort. It is a business, and there is a lot the independent girl needs to learn and do before she is able to actually score clients- create a website, promote it, place and manage ads, research the best advertising escort sites, handle big volume of phone calls and texts, learn how to screen clients and protect her safety, schedule and manage appointments etc
When first starting in the escort industry, many girls are not aware of the possibility of working on their own,as they have been lured to the Escort industry by a friend who is an agent or works with an agency.  Other girls  have  poor English and nonexistent  management skills, for such girls it is impossible to promote themselves, handle their own phone calls and booking arrangements, so an agency is the only viable option. There are  also loads of girls who are simply lazy, they are not up for working long hours on the computer, answering phone calls and finding ways to advertise - to those girls, an agency is the easy answer.
When it comes to the quality of girls agencies offer - there isn't a big difference in the actual escort service provider, besides all that was mentioned above. Not all agencies screen their girls and not all agencies care about reputation. The aim is to make as much money as possible and the way to do it is big volume of girls and massive marketing.
Small agencies, in fact tend to be much more careful in their choice of girls, and what they deliver to the client, they meet their girls and make sure pictures respond to reality, incall locations are clean and check massage skills, if the escort offers it. They also take better care of their girls, provide them with sufficient work and make sure they are safe and happy.
The big, "popular" agencies though, they are just a money making machine. Hustlers. They have 50-60-70 girls and growing in numbers daily. As long as the girl has nice pictures and good location -she is in, they do not screen anything further , neither do they care so much about the girls. The only reason they check on the girls after the booking is to make sure the client hasn't stayed for longer.
When I first started in the escort business, I worked with a small-medium agency. They were  professionals and really did care about both, clients and girls.
Few months later, my natural curiosity led me to hop on other agency's boards as well, and check out how the industry scene is out there. I saw girls working for up to 10 different agencies, and wondered why.
Non of the other 7 or 8 agencies I worked for very briefly, saw me in person, checked my apartment, or cared if clients were nice to me. All they wanted was the commission. 
This is when I realised, the greed is the driving force in the Escort Agency Business.
There were many elements of the "agency life", I did not like and agreed with.
The main one was the inabiliy to select my own clientele.
Agencies want to send you every client that has requested you, and seeing every "Tom, Dick and Harry", was not something I was happy with.
Pushing me to take late night bookings with tipsy smokers, who I consider quite unpleasant and a high risk clients. Sending me clients who are not aware of my services, and are unhappy I am not offering what they are looking for....and so on.
 I also, didn't see fit sharing 40% of my hard earned money with the agencies. There was really no justification for it, it was simply too much.
And last, but not least- the time management. Having to see clients in 10 minutes means I have to stay ready in my lingerie and candle lit room the whole day, waiting ... 
Well ... thank you- BUT NO Thank you! Just because I am an escort, doesn't not mean I shouldn't have a life or self respect.
Deciding firmly, I am done with the agencies and will embark on my own Independent journey, wasn't difficult at all. It was in fact the best decision I have made.
 A Professional Escort in London
  How I operate my business and achieve client's satisfaction
From the very first day in the escort industry I realised this is a business, and like in any other business I have to work very hard to make it successful and reach the client's approval.
I have gradually applied all my new and previously learned (in "normal" business) skills and ethics to improve my current venture and become a significant Escort competitor in London. 
From marketing strategies and management, to delivery of services , I am always aiming for improvement and higher standards. 
I have educated myself excessively about escorting and massaging, and what is considered exceptional in the industry. Underwent a professional massage training, learned about massage oils and mood settings, and widely researched the Tantra philosophy. Read about sexual therapy and emotional psychology. Familiarised myself with escort terms, practising safe sex and luxurious escort accessorising.
Established an organisation plan for handling appointments, welcoming and receiving clients, and keeping constant high hygiene levels of my environment. Developed screening abilities in order to keep discretion and safety for both, my clients and I. Supplied all small necessities and treats for my client's comfort. Worked prolonged hours on my website, to cover all aspects of the escorting world and answer all the questions clients may have.
Many people would never go beyond the "Fees" and "Gallery" pages, but for those who will, for those who like exploring and love feeling informed and prepared, or for those who are unsure of the way Escorting works, I have gladly spent many of my precious hours, dispensing my knowledge, reflections and descriptions.
  For The Traveller in London 
  Extended Bookings or  Dinner date
   My Favourite Luxury Hotels
Whether you are in London on business or pleasure , you should always try and make the best of your visit. If you are travelling alone, there is absolutely no need to be lonely. Hiring a Luxury London Companion (high-class escort) to accompany you to dinner, event, be your very personal tour-guide or simply cuddle after a long tiring day, is a choice you can never regret.
Even an entire lifetime will not be enough to explore London fully. This amazing city offers so many wonderful ways to enjoy and relax. Culture, History, Art, Food, Shopping, Entertainment - there is something for everyone.
 As a visitor, it can be overwhelming choosing the right "exploration program" , and as much as mentioning all you can do in London is an impossible tusk, I will gladly make some (I believe) interesting suggestions, in high hopes, to help out with your choice.
Breakfast in London can be more then just a morning energy fuel. A casual bite or fancy elaborate buffets, London has it all. If you like starting your day with a healthy casual breakfast and taking fresh morning walk, then Regent's park is the place to be. 
And I can suggest LADURÉE @ Harrods   for those of you who, love indulging in delicious fresh pasties and "haute cuisine" in style. 
For the  Shopaholics  and the ones who like to experience London's Shopping, or simply need to find a nice little prezzie to bring back home to someone special -Oxford street, Regents Street, New Bond street, Selfridges and Harrods are the best options.
Not everyone is a sightseeing enthusiast, and many people just do not have the sufficient time for a 3 days long guided city tours,but one thing that is an absolute must in London sightseeing it is always fun and doesn't take the entire day, is a London city- tour on the Iconic London's Double-Decker Red Busses. You can view the most important Landmarks of London , while enjoying the vibes and architecture of the city . An umbrella or raincoat + an extra layer of warm clothes, are an absolute necessity in London , no matter of the season!
Hopping off your tour bus and popping into one of the Famous London Pubs for a beer and fish&chips. is a great way to rest and explore further London's culture.
The ones of you who are not into pubs, and would like to have a taste of the fine English's cuisine , Simpson's-in-the -Strand
 and Gordon Ramsey's  Savoy Grill are the perfect choice. 
A wine museum under Victorian railway arches, with eclectic restaurant menu and lengthy wine list - Vinopolis is a fabulous choice for the Wine aficionado.
For the Art lovers visiting  the trendy area Chelsea is, in my opinion , the best place , besides The National Gallery V&A London, Tate Modern
If you like a  Market browsing and tasting street food, I would recommend Portobello, Bogough and Camden Markets . For vintage, antic shopping, culture exploring and delicious "coffee and croissant" type of afternoon  Hampstead Village will be a winner. 
If a posh Afternoon tea in opulent interiors tickles your fancy , my top picks will be Claridge's  and Langham's Palm Court  .   
 If you are a Musical, Opera, Theatre, Ballet' lover , may I say you are in the right place. The choice can be overwhelming, but I can guarantee you whatever your personal taste or day of the week , you will be "sorted out" 
Dinning out in London is one of the most exciting experiences for every foodie, and I will have a great difficulty suggesting just a few great places to visit. I will try my best , but I am sure I will be leaving out many wonderful places that a worth dining out at.
For a dinner with a view, my very favourites are - Sushi Samba @Heron Tower , Hutong @ The Shard  and Galvin at Windows @ Hilton Park Lane   
For Asian Fusion and little bit of vibe - Hakkasan Mayfair , Sexy Fish, Novikov, Buddah Bar London 
For English cuisine - The Ivy Soho Brassarie, The Ivy Market Grill , Wiltons , Chiltern Firehouse
For Dinner and show - Park Chinois, Shaka Zulu
Italian Cuisine -  Chelsea Riverside Brasserie , Ristorante Anacapri
Peruvian Cuisine - Pachamama
Japanese Cuisine - Chisou 
Thai Cuisine -Patara
Chinese cuisine - Phoenix Palace
Indian Cuisine- Tamarind Mayfair
French cuisine& European -Medlar Ham Yard Bar&Restaurante
Lebanese cuisine - Noura
Greek Cuisine - The Real Greek
Fish Restaurant-Kaspar's at the Savoy
Vegan Restaurant- Wulf&Lamb, Tibits,  Nama
and many many more.......
After so many yummy images in my head I am now starving. Leaving you to enjoy browsing London's adventures and my website and  going for some food indulgence in London , myself. 
If you are interested in travelling around UK , you will find that guide written by Janet Rogers very useful. It is detailed, updated and comprehensive on the 100 best things to do in England. Enjoy and Happy Travels:
    Erotic/Sensual Massage  
Massage is probably the oldest drug-less therapy and one of the most powerful forms of communication between adults.
I think of the massage as an educated touching, and one of life's most delicious pleasures.
Massage enables your intellect  to give a way to the feelings,and the ability to focus on sensations in your body- warmth,safety,happiness- rather than your own thoughts.
Many men and women find it difficult to receive touch with warmth, grace, and openness.
Erotic massage is the art of using simple techniques to stimulate the fundamental energy in your body- your sexual energy. During the erotic massage, that energy is circulating freely in the body,promoting your sensuality and sexual experience,alters your level of awareness and extends your enjoyment. The sensual massage provides a new avenue through which to explore, revitalise and increase your sex drive and comfort.
Erotic massage is just a different approach to the sexual experience, that does not necessitate intercourse, and it is suitable for everyone who is interested in improving the quality of their intimate life.
                    Read about my massage oils
Aromatheapy Oils
Scented Candles
Essential Oils
Show More
                                                  The Illusion of Tantric Massage in London
"Tantra" is electrifying London lately. Everyone has heard of Tantra and Tantric massage, sex, yoga, but very few people know more about Tantra. The existing general knowledge is usually linked, suggestively, with the notion of superlative sexual experience.
Many London masseuses and escorts offer Tantric massage, without actually having the vaguest idea,what to deliver and what "Tantric"actually means.
I would like to inform you about "Tantric", with a simple and short explanations that will enable you to recognise, without difficulty, the Authentic Tantric Masseuse.
Tantra is the philosophy behind the search of liberation in the world, not from the world.
The philosophy of Prana (Life Force Energy). This is the energy that flows within the body and all the existence. Prana is always there, weather or not we are aware of it.
There are three divisions in Tantra
1. White Tantra -uses energy to release subconscious blocks, and life can be enjoyed to the fullest while accessing the peace within
2.Red Tantra- utilises Sexual Energy to raise consciousness and create tra