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Once you have explored my website, familiarised yourself with who I am, read all descriptions and experiences offered and have decided that I am the lady for you,
 please email me to arrange a booking.
Calls or text ONLY if you are an existing client.
I don’t “have to” meet with you. I want to. I consider it a privilege and an honour, but  I am truly NOT  for everyone and I do not see every person who contacts me.
Quick Application Form for New clients/ initial appointments
Proper introduction on your initial contact will position you high on my "Will consider" list, but
I reserve the right to decline a booking request based on your approach and introduction.
Questionnaire guide for new clients 
New clients - My business model explained
Screening of new clientele is mandatory
I will accept any of the following:
1. A recent reference from reputable independent companion (along with her website )
2. Linkedin profile/ Business profile / Business card (request sent from traceable email)
3. Copy of passport, ID card or Drivers licence (you can block all but your name and date of birth)
I value your safety and privacy as I do mine!
Once approved, please try not to cancel our initial introduction appointment last minute, it is not an indication of good manners and it is unlikely to secure another one.
Thank you!
You may reach me on my phone Monday to Saturday from 10:00AM to 8:00PM and my service operating hours(working) are 12:00PM to 10:00PM ( Sunday not available for bookings unless otherwise stated on home page) 
(If you are calling from outside UK , you can check my local time and compare to yours HERE )
Please try and give me as much notice as possible as I am rarely available for last minute appointments. 
Please note that advanced bookings (24h+)are the best to avoid disappointment , but will be subject to confirmation by telephone before the predetermined deadline, on the day of the appointment. Preferably before 12:00PM on that day.
Failure to confirm on time means the appointment will not be honoured.
Feel free to cancel an appointment if you are unable to make it. (Please do not cancel initial introduction appointments as it is unlikely you will secure another one)
 I am aware of how important punctuality is, and would  please ask  you to give me the same consideration.
 Should you be running late, please telephone me and advise on your anticipated ETA. Please note that in the case of a late arrival in excess of  30 minutes I reserve the right to revise or cancel a booking.  I am a polite and discreet woman and will treat you with the utmost respect. I ask that you, please treat me in the same manner.
Please note: I will not reply to any emails or text with unrelated context and without proper introduction
Read about the Experience with me here
Why is important to book in advance?
I do not see more than 1-2 clients per day. I cater mostly to regular clientele and my sessions are long. Keeping myself fresh and relaxed, and giving the best I am capable of,  physically and mentally , plus providing immaculately clean and comfortable atmosphere to my visitor is a Religion to me.
I do not focus on quantity, but quality.
When I have no availability for the day, it does not mean I am seeing 7 clients, it means I insist on being an exceptional company and providing impeccable service to the ones I choose to see.
Last minute appointments are almost never available, so booking in advance is very important. My wild guess is, you will not be disappointed.
 Please note, I do not see Gentlemen younger than 35 years. I have nothing against young men, it is simply my preference to see only mature gentlemen. Thank  you for understanding.
                      I appreciate your comments and reviews very much!
I offer both
Incall :  You visit Me     ///   Outcall:  I visit You 
My incall location is just 2 minutes walk for  Earls Court Station/ SW5 , and it is a lovely private apartment with very discrete individual entrance, situated on a quiet street. It offers modern shower/bath facilities and interiors. Fresh towels, refreshments, chocolate treats and small snacks are always at your disposal.
For the massages, I offer a face and head rest, ankle roller rest, memory-foam cushion,  special blends of massage oils that are nourishing to the skin and easy to wash off , and of course a fresh pair of massage sheets and towels for every client.
I can assure you- hygiene level are kept at the highest standard.
I do prefer incalls for shorter appointments, as I can offer a complete relaxation and the best massage-escort experience to my clients. I always pre- set the mood with soft light, candles, beautiful soothing music and many little luxuries that are simply not available at a hotel room.
Due to privacy and safety concerns, I only do outcalls to Luxury hotels in Central London. I do not visit private residences unless I know the client really well.
I will need the client's full name and room number prior to the appointment time, and will run a check up with the hotel to ensure there is such person behind the booking.
I only offer 2h+ outcall appointments. Travelling time around London can be time consuming, and since  I cater mostly to regular clientele, my schedule is constantly full with incall appointments.
Advanced bookings for both incalls and outcalls are advisable.
To View or Write a Review Please Click here or Go to Page "Your Kind Words"
All your comments, suggestions and reviews are very valuable to me! 
In need of a Travel Companion?
Look no further
Travel Delight Blog By BustyVixenNicole​
Places I have travelled to recently
Travel Inspiration 2020
When it comes to travelling with a paid companion(elite escort) it is better not to rely on luck for finding the right lady. Searching online for a while and scanning what the different ladies in the industry have to offer, reading reviews and experiences of the ladies who catch your eye, and finally meeting the companion of  your choice prior to your travels, are all good ways to ensure a pleasant and successful trip, as well as a peace of mind.
Chemistry is an important component of getting along with someone and enjoying spending time together, and unfortunately or fortunately, is only detectable in person.
In case you can not afford the luxury of meeting your chosen travel companion prior to the trip, book the lady just for an overnight or 24 hour trip with the possibility of extending. This way you can avoid disappointment on both sides. A day you can spend with anyone , a week- well, that's another story.
A good path of communication will be sending an initial email with your ideas , talk on the phone and discuss further details, meet (if possible) in person and after all that is done and you are ready to commit to the trip, finalise travel arrangements and deposits (where necessary )
If it happens, that I am lucky enough to be your choice for your personal travel companion,  please try and give me at least a week notice. I like feeling prepared mentally and otherwise for our trip together, and safeguarding the future adventure by making all necessary arrangements on time.
All travel expenses are paid in full in advance, or you can make all arrangements yourself if that will suit you better.
Deposits do apply for travel bookings
I do NOT travel with clients who I haven't met  prior to the travels. For me, chemistry and compatibility are very important components of the enjoyment in travelling with a partner. If you wish to travel with me, an introduction date is a must.
I reserve the right do decline your travel invitation after our initial date if I feel we are not a good match.
Happy Travels!
Emphasis on Trivia
When I confirm travel time with you, I decline other engagements and incur expenses, therefore a 50% deposit is required to secure the desired dates and avoid unpleasant last minute cancellations. 
Cancellations are only acceptable up to 72h prior to the voyage 
In cases where I have to cancel, full deposit will be returned immediately.
For flights with duration over 5 hours (outside Europe) , I will only be comfortable travelling business class
I will need a brief itinerary of our trip, in order to prepare my wardrobe accordingly.
I would also like to mention, that you will endear yourself to me entirely, when you let me have some daily 'Me' time on our multi-day trips, as I need that time to relax, primp and beautify. Alternatively you can have a second bedroom for me and keep the magic.